Wednesday, October 27, 2004

"Muliticultural trainer" Afeefa Syeed responds

FrontPage :: Debating Muslim Re-Education by FrontPage Magazine

Afeefa Syeed is the "multicultural trainer" going around Fairfax County Public Schools teaching elementary school students about Ramadan. She writes, "In fact, proselytizing is not an objective of these presentations, and is not fundamental to our practice of the faith [Islam]."

Ms. Syeed might be ignorant of the fact that proselytizing (called daw'ah) is central to Islam. In fact, daw'ah is so central to Islam that Islamic law states that Muslims must declare jihad against any non-Muslim country or society that restricts daw'ah. On the other hand, Ms. Syeed could be engaging in the time-honored practice of taqiyya, which makes one question the veracity of her other statements.

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