Sunday, November 28, 2004

A Case for Qur'anic Arabic - Arabic as a Second Language

A Case for Qur'anic Arabic - Arabic as a Second Language

Several years ago, the Board of Supervisors of the dhimmi Fairfax County Public Schools decided to institute Arabic as part of the foreign language curricula and instituted pilots at three high schools, including Herndon HS, where there is a concentration of Muslim students. Northern Virginiastan does not deny that Arabic is a language used by millions, but saw the institution of Arabic as a means of enabling Muslim students in their religious education. An article in Washington Post featuring a picture of three laughing female Muslim students in hijab from Herndon HS confirmed Northern Virginiastan's suspicions.

Now comes the ALIF Project, which plans to institute Arabic in public schools at all levels everywhere. Here are a few choice quotes from this site that caught my attention:

"ALIF has launched a recruitment drive in which a mosque will "adopt" a high school, funding and providing an Arabic teacher."

"Recently, ALIF proposal was sent to the King Faisal Foundation, which was set up by the former king of Saudi Arabia, and is awaiting a response." This was after several American foundations wisely turned downed the proposal and didn't play the role of the dhimmi.

"Arabic is the language of the Qur'an. In order to convey the message of Qur'an in North America and Europe, we have to first deliver its language. Knowledge of Arabic can then help the Western countries recover from the present moral decay."

This clearly shows the effort of Islamic organizations to interpenetrate the public shools, a topic of recent posts on the Northern Virginiastan weblog.

Conclusion: Northern Virginiastan actually supports teaching of Arabic in the public schools. After 9/11, we need more people knowledgeable in Arabic for intelligence purposes. However, teaching of Arabic should be free of influence by Islamic organizations.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Promoting Islam in the public schools

This posting is a followup to the October 27, 2004 posting Northern Virginiastan: "Muliticultural trainer" Afeefa Syeed responds.

The indefatigable Daniel Pipes has an article on Spreading Islam in American Public Schools which points to Islamic web sites that provide information on both covert and overt ways of proselytizing in the public schools. Among the ways suggested is explaining Ramadan to students. It makes Mrs. Syeed's claim that "proselytizing is not an objective of these presentations, and is not fundamental to our practice of the faith [Islam]" even more suspect.

"Proud Muslim" from Fairfax recommends burning author along with his book

Censor Anti-Islamic Books? [Weblog] - Daniel Pipes

"Proud Muslim" from Fairfax writes about the book Prophet of Doom : Islam's Terrorist Dogma in Muhammad's Own Words by Craig Winn:

There is good use of this book, in our FIREPLACES trashed and burned and along with the author!!

Daniel Pipes rightly notes, "The virtues or faults of Prophet of Doom are not the issue here. The question is whether Islam may be publicly critiqued or not in the United States."

"Proud Muslim" has a wishlist on that includes a receiving blanket, prefolded washable diapers, and diaper liners. How very sad that this baby will imbibe hatred along with mother's milk. How very unfortunate that there are people harboring such hatred in our midst, here in Northern Virginiastan.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Terror Informant Ignites Himself Near White House (

Terror Informant Ignites Himself Near White House (

Mohammed Alanssi became aware of reporter Caryle Murphy, who visits the Dar Al Hijrah mosque in Falls Church frequently, as she covers the Muslim community and religion for the Washington Post, and contacted her to tell his story. Listen to an interview with Ms. Murphy from the November 16, 2004 broadcast of NPR's All Things Considered(RealPlayer required).

Published Tuesday, November 16, 2004

"A Falls Church man who worked as a federal informant on terrorism set himself on fire in front of the White House yesterday, hours after announcing his suicide attempt and citing his growing despondency over how the FBI managed his case."

"[Mohammed] Alanssi, who is from Yemen ... recently discussed his work as a federal informant in a series of interviews with The Washington Post."

"Alanssi also alleged that the FBI had failed to adequately protect his role in a sting operation conducted in Germany in January 2003. That led to the arrest of Mohammed Ali Hassan Al Moayad, a Yemeni cleric who is slated to go on trial Jan. 10 in New York on charges of providing material support to al Qaeda ... Alanssi's identity was leaked, along with details of his role, and the case was the subject of a Washington Post story in 2003 and accounts in the Yemeni press. As a result, Alanssi said, his family had been harassed and threatened in Yemen, where Moayad, 55, is a prominent leader in Islamist circles."

In his suicide note to FBI agent Robert Fuller, Alanssi stated that he would not testify against Mohammed Ali Hassan Al Moayad. "Once I testify my family will be killed in Yemen, me too I will be dead man."

Saturday, November 06, 2004

FBI Says N.Y. Man Had Beltway Blueprints (

FBI Says N.Y. Man Had Beltway Blueprints (

"NEW YORK, Nov. 5 -- Prosecutors alleged Friday that a Syrian-born doctor had blueprints for a suburban Washington overpass in his Brooklyn apartment and tried to help a suspected al Qaeda associate enter the United States.

... The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force found the shredded blueprints for the Capital Beltway overpass at Connecticut Avenue in Hassan Faraj's apartment after he was arrested in June, prosecutors said.

... [Attorney Stanley] Cohen said the blueprints, for example, belonged to Faraj's brother, a professor of civil engineering who had been teaching at a Washington area university. Faraj threw out the papers after the brother moved overseas, he said. Cohen declined to identify where the brother taught."