Monday, March 17, 2014

Dhimmitude In The Virginia Assembly

Our state legislature here in Virginia couldn't manage to come to terms so as to submit a budget. However, the dhimmis did manage to "accomplish" THIS. Excerpt:
[B]y a voice vote the Virginia House of Delegates commended here the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center [aka The Falls Church Mosque] on its “30th anniversary.”
Read the rest HERE. For example:
Last October 22, the Investigative Project on Terrorism’s (IPT) John Rossomando reported here "Dar al-Hijrah Imam Affirms MB Sympathies on Facebook" –“For a guy who claims to have nothing to do with the Muslim Brotherhood, Imam Shaker Elsayed dedicates a surprising volume of his Facebook page to the Egyptian Islamist group.”
Dar Al-Hijrah has "a dark past" — to say the least. The link at Blue Ridge Forum provides more information. Apparently, few of the Virginia Delegates bothered to consider much of that information even after it was brought to their attention. HERE is the full text of the Virginia Assembly's resolution congratulating Dar Al-Hijrah.  Disgusting

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