Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Voted Most Likely To Be A Martyr

According to a November 29, 2005 story on this news channel (all emphases this blog author's):
American Citizen Convicted For Terrorism: Man Conspired To Assassinate The President

"FALLS CHURCH, Va. -- An American citizen whose father worked for the Saudi Embassy is convicted for conspiring with Al Qaida operatives to assassinate President George W. Bush.

Ahmed Abu Ali, of Falls Church, Va., admitted to the crime in a videotaped confession.

"As a boy, Abu Ali attended the Saudi Islamic Academy in Alexandria. He even became a member of the National Honor Society. In his senior year, Ali's classmates voted him 'the most likely to become a martyr.'

"In the video, the 24-year-old said he went to Saudi Arabia in 2002 to study Islam, and met an Al Qaida operative who invited him to join the Jihad against America.

"'I immediately accepted because of my hatred of the U.S., for what I felt was its support of Israel against the Palestinian people,' Abu Ali said on the tape.

"Abu Ali also admitted that he suggested blowing up American warplanes, warships, or targeting hi-ranking U.S. officials.

"He also said it was his Al Qaida contact's idea to kill the president.

"Ali Abu went on to say on the videotape, 'I preferred this idea because it was easier to carry out since the U.S. president often appears in pubic places.'

"The group then plotted exactly how they would carry out the assassination.

"They agreed that they would 'either use at least three snipers who would fire simultaneously to increase the hit probability, or to carry out a martyr operation when the U.S. president goes out to greet the people.'

"During his trial, Ali testified that the Saudis beat the confession out of him. But jurors saw him on tape pretend to cock a rifle and laugh.

"'What was striking was how relaxed he looked, almost carefree...[he] didn't look like someone tortured, pressured into confessing,' said Roger Cressey, an NBC News Terror Analyst.

"Now the little boy voted most likely to become a martyr is facing 20 years to life in prison.

"Abu Ali will be sentenced in February."
Note: As we locals well know, the name of Abu Ali's high school is the Islamic Saudi Academy, not the Saudi Islamic Academy.

If the following information from the Washington Post is accurate, no wonder Ahmed Abu Ali was so willing to conspire with Al-Qaeda:
"The 11th-grade textbook, for example, says one sign of the Day of Judgment will be that Muslims will fight and kill Jews, who will hide behind trees that say: 'Oh Muslim, Oh servant of God, here is a Jew hiding behind me. Come here and kill him.'..

"Some teachers 'focus more on hatred,' said one teenager, who recited by memory the signs of the coming of the Day of Judgment. 'They teach students that whatever is kuffar [non-Muslim], it is okay for you' to hurt or steal from that person..."
In light of the conviction of Ahmed Abu Ali, isn't it time for an extensive investigation of ISA on the part of Homeland Security? The Islamic Saudi Academy published a caption saying "Voted Most Likely to be a Martyr" to appear below Abu Ali's yearbook photo!

A bit of background information on ISA is very interesting. According to "The Madrassa on Main Street: Teaching Fundamentalist Islam on U. S. Route 1,
"A few miles outside of Washington and a stone's throw from Mt. Vernon Plantation - George Washington's home - the Saudi government is teaching Wahhab Islam to hundreds of Muslim-American children. The school, called the Islamic Saudi Academy, is one of an estimated 200-600 in the U.S. that indoctrinate 30,000 students in the teachings of Koran."
And just how did ISA get such a prime piece of property, so close to our nation's capital
"In 1988, 'Dusty' Rhodes, the Fairfax County official in charge of renting school facilities, bragged to a local pastor that the Saudis had not paid the county a dime for the deed to the school. According to Rhodes, the Saudis got the use of the building in exchange for making renovations. Once renovations were complete they were given the deed. At the time, Fairfax County discriminated against churches who used public school facilities by charging them commercial rates, rather than the lower rates charged other community groups. The county was forced to halt the discrimination after a lawsuit.

"In a county where just the tax assessment on a vacant acre can exceed $250,000, the Saudis not only got the building but acres of athletic fields."
Where did Abu Ali acquire his deep hatred of the United States? In Saudi Arabia? Or did his hatred begin with his Wahhabist education at the Islamic Saudi Academy in Fairfax County, Virginia?

Addendum: I sent this story to Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer's site, which graciously printed the story as "American Citizen Convicted For Terrorism."

Sunday, November 27, 2005

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Suspicious Neighbors [Can] Prevent Terrorism [Weblog] - Daniel Pipes

I know that our friend Constantine won't like this, but Suspicious Neighbors Prevent Terrorism.

9/11 terrorist Waleed M. Alshehri, who was on AA flight #11, which crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center lived in this house in Vienna:

502 Orrin Street, Vienna, Virginia

Daniel Pipes notes:
One of the 9/11 suicide hijackers, Waleed M. Alshehri, had lived in a large rental house in Vienna, Virginia. His and his friends' comings and goings (loud parties, pistol shooting, fancy cars with out-of-state license plates, people "always walking around out front with cellphones," a van permanently parked outside the home with a Middle-Eastern man in it monitoring a scanner or radio) aroused suspicions. The neighbor across the street, John E. Albritton, called federal authorities and another neighbor says residents complained to the FBI.

Sadly, the concerns of Mr. Albritton and others could not prevent the 9/11 attacks.

Friday, November 11, 2005

The Counterterrorism Blog looks at the two-facedness of Shaker Elsayed

The article Washington-area Muslim Cleric Condemns Amman Bombings, But Supports Palestinian Suicide Bombers notes that while Shaker Elsayed, imam of the 9-11 Mosque (and do I still have to explain that nickname?), condemned the bombings in Jordan, he has made a career of supporting similar bombing attacks when the victims were non-Muslim.

Action Alert!

The following information comes from GM's Corner from Online Coalition:
"Right now – there are TWO bills in Congress that will affect bloggers – one good, one bad. The bill that deserves our support is HR 1606 – The Online Freedom of Speech Act.

"The other bill – HR 4194 – is a substitute offered by those most interested in regulating the internet. Its supporters are engaged in an aggressive campaign to pass this legislation in Congress, in an effort to muddy the waters and distract Congress from passing real protections for bloggers. They're so terrified of your freedom to speak your mind that they've actually compared giving freedom to bloggers to the scandal involving Scooter Libby in the White House. No, we're not making that up."
Here's GM's advice:
"Write your congressmen in no uncertain terms. Put a notice on your blog, send e-mails to friends letting them know. Do something or this media that we love will change and not for the better. If you really value the First Amendment, do this now!!!!"
Hop to it, folks--be you righties or lefties!

Contact your Congressional Representative here.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Challenging the Muslim American Society's tax-exempt status

While the article Miasma in Boston: What Lies behind the Expanded Libel case of the Islamic society of Boston? deals with the libel case that the Islamic Society of Boston filed agaist Steven Emerson and two organizations, it also looks at Mahdi Bray, executive director of the Muslim American Society's Freedom Foundation and a subject on this blog.

The author notes, "Muslim extremists in the U.S. have manipulated our legal system to go on fishing expeditions. By filing a libel action, as in the ISB case, they obtain access to limited discovery. This includes notes and emails and widens the net of possible suspects to include in their alleged "web of conspiracy."

One commenter responds, "(2) Mahdi Braying Jackass may well have jeopardized the tax-exempt status of his Muslim-American Society, as shown at IRS REV RULE 75-384, J. ACTIVITIES THAT ARE ILLEGAL OR CONTRARY TO PUBLIC POLICY says that promotion of civil disobedience-- which Mahdi Braying Jackass has done-- is inconsistent with a charitable mission and may be cause for revocation of the group's 501(c)(3) status. Perhaps Mr. Braying Jackass' civil disobedience activities in his capacity as the MAS's executive director should be brought to the IRS's official notice. Here is the address in case anyone wants to act on this:

Internal Revenue Service

Exempt Organizations Examination Division

1100 Commerce Street


Dallas, TX 75242"

They're still casing the DC area

Last year, I reported on HAMAS operative Ismail Selim Elbarasse, who was caught along with his wife as she was capturing video of the Bay Bridge's infrastructure. Jihad Watch reports that 3 men were arrested in London on terrorist offenses and police found a film of DC sites in one of the men's positions.

Pedestrian Infidel: Wash. Post Editorial - Fires in France - Read and Explode - It's not Islam!

Axis of Islam has submitted comments to Northern Virginiastan on several different occasions. Here he/she fisks a WaPo editorial claiming that Islam has nothing to do with the civil war unfolding in France.

Make Up Your Mind!

From the November 8, 2005 edition of Campus Watch, in an article entitled "Georgetown's Jihad Denier," comes the following information:
...[I]n one of Professor Esposito's books written prior to 9/11 entitled Islamic Threat: Myth or Reality Dr. Esposito had concluded that the threat of Islamic terrorism was a myth and not reality. But in his post 9/11 book Unholy War and in his presentation that night, Esposito conceded that Islamic terrorism really exists but identified the cause as American foreign policy.

"At one point, for example, Dr. Esposito characterized American foreign policy as approving the rape and murder of Arabs in Palestine by Israelis and then, to make it OK, offering a little foreign aid to build houses for those who survived...."
In his October 24, 2005 "Struggle for the Mind of Islam" presentation to the Cosmos Club, Professor Esposito "equated the violence of terrorism and murder of innocent civilians as resistance of the same kind that we Americans used during our Revolutionary War, ...said jihad is always defensive, in defense of Muslim land, ...and argued that since the Israelis admit they are using reasonable violence, they are no different than the Islamic terrorists who believe their violence is reasonable."

According to Cincinnatus, the anonymous author of the article in Campus Watch,

"It came to me finally that the program was dedicated more to the struggle for the American mind than the mind of Islam. Another person at the program evidently thought so too and asked why the club could not have a more balanced program. He suggested inviting Dr. Daniel Pipes.

"The Chairman, however, insisted that the program was balanced; it had a 'geographical balance' as each of the participants discussed a different Muslim area. If this means swallowing Professor Esposito's misrepresentations of jihad, or terrorism, and American foreign policy, then the Cosmos Club has a very different notion of balance than those of us who care passionately about the threats facing America."

Saturday, November 05, 2005

"Imagine You're A Woman"

This article from the October 31, 2005 edition of Asharq Alawsat is published in its entirety:
Imagine You're a Woman
by Badriyya Al-Bishr

Imagine you're a woman. When your brother is born, people say 'It's a boy, how wonderful,' yet when you are born they say, 'A little girl, how wonderful!' Why do they use diminutive form? Your arrival is welcome if you are the first or second girl; it is best your mother has no more than two. On the other hand, the arrival of boys is always welcome! The more the merrier, the saying goes.

Imagine you're a woman. You will always need to seek permission from your guardian not only for your first marriage, according to Islamic legal scholars, but in every other matter. You cannot study without your guardian's permission, even at the level of PhD and you cannot get a job and earn a living either. Furthermore, many shamelessly argue that a woman must have permission to work even in the private sector.

Imagine you're a woman and picture your 15-year old son or your brother accompanying you on every journey. Your guardian might request a bribe in return for setting you free from his unwanted company but will not accept cash since his self-respect prevents him from touching a woman's money. Instead, he will ask for a car or the money to be paid in installments.

Imagine you're a woman, and you are subject physically abused and maybe even killed. When the press publishes your photograph and exposes the brutality of the beatings, the public will only care whether you were veiled. When the man who broke your ribs is your husband, people will believe there was a reason behind his actions.

Imagine you're a woman whose husband breaks your nose, arm, or leg. When you file a complaint, the judge responds reproachfully, 'Is that all?' He believes physical abuse to be a natural occurrence amongst all families as the saying goes 'Beating the beloved is like eating raisins.'

Imagine you're a woman who must be driven in a ‘limousine’ by your Indian or Sri Lankan driver because you yourself are not allowed behind the steering wheel.

Imagine you're a woman in the 21st century at a time when experts in Islamic law are issuing religious edicts on sexual intercourse with the enemy’s womenfolk, but you do not know to which enemy they refer to.

Imagine you're a woman who writes in a newspaper, and every time you write about women issues such as poverty, unemployment, and legal issues, they say: 'Never mind her, it is all women's talk.

Why don't the others commit Suicide?

Badriyya Al-Bishr is a lecturer in social sciences at King Saud University.