Monday, March 17, 2014

Dhimmitude In The Virginia Assembly

Our state legislature here in Virginia couldn't manage to come to terms so as to submit a budget. However, the dhimmis did manage to "accomplish" THIS. Excerpt:
[B]y a voice vote the Virginia House of Delegates commended here the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center [aka The Falls Church Mosque] on its “30th anniversary.”
Read the rest HERE. For example:
Last October 22, the Investigative Project on Terrorism’s (IPT) John Rossomando reported here "Dar al-Hijrah Imam Affirms MB Sympathies on Facebook" –“For a guy who claims to have nothing to do with the Muslim Brotherhood, Imam Shaker Elsayed dedicates a surprising volume of his Facebook page to the Egyptian Islamist group.”
Dar Al-Hijrah has "a dark past" — to say the least. The link at Blue Ridge Forum provides more information. Apparently, few of the Virginia Delegates bothered to consider much of that information even after it was brought to their attention. HERE is the full text of the Virginia Assembly's resolution congratulating Dar Al-Hijrah.  Disgusting

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Monday, January 27, 2014

The Shootings At Columbia Mall

Columbia Mall is located in Howard County, Maryland and is an upscale mall.  On Saturday, January 26, 2014, Darion Marcus Aguilar, age 19 and an individual with no known criminal record or other red flags, entered the Zumiez store and starting firing away. By the time the police arrived, he had killed two people and wounded others, then had turned the gun on himself. 

The mall was closed, of course.  More interesting, none of the evacuated shoppers were allowed to drive their vehicles home; school buses and other buses were brought in to take the shoppers home.

Backpacks with primitive IED's were found inside the mall.  In fact, for many hours the police did not approach the shooter's body out of concerns that the body might be booby trapped.  Who is Darion Marcus Aguilar? This photo, supposedly from Blake High School's yearbook, has surfaced:

Contrary to reports, Zumiez is more than a "skate store."  Rrecently, the store's main display has been one of snowboarding, perhaps in advance of the Sochi Olympics. An eyewitness interviewed by CNN the afternoon of the murders stated, "The guy looked either Hispanic or Arab." I heard that interview myself when I was tuned into CNN so as to follow the events at Columbia Mall.  CNN never replayed that interview, but continued to replay multiple times any interviews blaming the gun.  
Over and over again, despite the police statements to the contrary, various news media kept labeling the slayings as "workplace violence" or "a relationship crime."

Was Darion Marcus Aguilar a jihadist?  Maybe, maybe not. 

But it seems to me that the mainstream media were doing all that they could to spin the story into something it appears that it was not, i.e., "a relationship killing."