Thursday, January 05, 2006

Wait and see

Robert Spencer's Dhimmi Watch notes the efforts of three Muslim women - Nasim Khan, Rubina Bari and Shabana Syed - in the DC area to raise funds for rebuilding churches destroyed by Muslims in Pakistan in today's blog entry Women active in Sangla church rebuilding efforts.

A fundraising dinner is planned for January 21 at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) Center: for more details, view the notice on the ADAMS Center website. Northern Virginiastan actively seeks media reports or even better, firsthand reports of this event.

Please browse the comments on the Dhimmi Watch article. I pointed to the article A Troubling Presence at a Funeral about Imam Mohamad Magid, one of the scheduled speakers, and the prolific Hugh Fitzgerald raises concerns about Akbar Ahmed, another scheduled speaker.

I share the skepticism shared by several other people who submitted comments. Let's wait and see how many people attend (recall what a dud Kamal Nawash's march on terrorism was), how much money is made, and where the money actually goes.

Remember, actions such as this fundraising dinner don't bubble up because of goodwill; they are a result of the scrutiny paid to the Muslim community.

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