Saturday, April 01, 2006

Allah Snackbar!

As many commentators have noted, the recent Cartoon Rage has pointed out Islam's main weakness: the total inability of Muslims to tolerate any ridicule of their prophet. That's why I like this cartoon so much: it uses the image of Muhammad with the bomb in his turban from the Danish cartoon and it mocks a cartoon of Ariel Sharon eating babies that was printed in the The Independent (UK), the notorious leftist UK newspaper for which Robert ("Hit Me Again! I Deserve It!") Fisk writes.

I dedicate this cartoon to Rocky Omary, Zaki Al Barzinji, Uzma Unus, Imam Sheikh Rashid Lamptey, Robert Marro, Imam Mohamed Magid, Majdi Omouri, and the Muslims in the DC metro area who were hurt and offended by the Danish cartoons.

BTW The original inspiration was Goya's painting Saturn Devouring His Son:

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Gavin said...

As i devout believer in roman mythology I demand you remove that image of saturn right now!