Friday, October 27, 2006

CAIR And Election Campaigns

In CAIR And Tax-Exempt Status, I questioned whether or not CAIR has violated its tax-emempt status by the organization's support of candidate Keith Ellison.

Now comes this October 27, 2006 article in FrontPageMagazine. Excerpt:

"...[F]or officials of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) – the most visible group claiming to represent Muslims in America – their political loyalties appear to lean in one particular political direction. An extensive review of political contributions by CAIR officials, employees and board members on the local, state and national level reveals that CAIR is betting almost exclusively on Democrats to represent them politically on Capitol Hill during the upcoming 110th Congress....

"[A]t present CAIR officials are content to liberally spread their campaign contributions to Democrats, apparently on the gamble that they will take one, if not both, chambers of Congress....With Democrats in control, CAIR is betting that they will be better represented on Capitol Hill in their self-proclaimed goal of eventual Islamic domination for America. Maybe that is something that citizens should keep in mind on November 7th as they go to the polls and vote."

Among the states mentioned in the article is Virginia. Read the entire article here.

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