Friday, March 09, 2007

The DC Connection: Terror suspect allowed to take off monitoring bracelet, go to Disney World

Those of you who follow Little Green Footballs and Robert Spencer's web sites were no doubt appalled by this story:

Dhimmi Watch: Terror suspect allowed to take off monitoring bracelet, go to Disney World, in which U.S. District Judge Amy J. St. Eve gave Muhammad Salah permission to have his monitoring bracelet removed so that he could go to Disney World. [Note: Salah was acquitted of racketeering conspiracy involving laundering and delivering money to Hamas, but convicted of lying under oath in a civil lawsuit].

My goal in setting up Northern Virginiastan was to "think globally, act locally," to borrow an expression used by environmentalists. I wanted to focus on terrorist links in the DC area.

Although Salah was based in Chicago, his co-defendant Abdelhaleem Ashqar had been a resident of Alexandria. Ashqar has figured in many posts to Northern Virginiastan. While I could not find up-to-date address information for Ashqar, I found this address for Asma Ashqar. Asmaa (or Asma) is the name of Ashqar's wife. The Washington Post notes that Fred R. and Nancy L. Nelson sold this house to Asmaa Jamal Ashqar for $623,000 in 2005.

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Youmna S. said...

Really people? This is just an invitation to over-zealots to harass this woman in the privacy of her own home. Privacy is such a nice thing to give, especially when the person your antagonizing isn't the one on trial.