Thursday, July 12, 2007


Who would have imagined that New York-based celebrity gossip columnist Cindy Adams would be a source of information on nefarious doings in Northern Virginia? In her article LOOK WHO'S ON STUDIO BOARD (found via LGF), Ms. Adams writes about the new film company The Film Department. It canceled a film project about two agents stopping a terrorist attack because its board members didn't like the project.

One of the board members is Zeid Masri, head of
SilverHaze Partners, LLC based in McLean. According to Ms. Adams, SilverHaze "secretly invested Palestine Liberation Organization money through front companies." On its website, SilverHaze describes itself as "a firm dedicated to private equity investing and advising on behalf of wealthy individuals, families, and institutions," which makes one wonder, which individuals, which families, which institutions?

SilverHaze is located at 6862 Elm Street, McLean, Virginia.

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Always On Watch said...

I see from the link to the LGF aritcle that the film was a go-ahead until the Muslim financing arrived.

I spend a big of time worryingm about a devastating atttack. So do lots of people I know. Meanwhile, Islamification and cultural jihad proceed virtually no coverage in the msm. The changes in and the forced-by-CAIR disclaimer for 24 got some coverage as it's a popular show. Meanwhile, the smaller infiltration is going on.

How is it that SilverHaze is allowed to do business in the United States?