Tuesday, May 17, 2016

.@RepDonBeyer and fellow #dhimmicrats Democrats want to stop Trump's proposal to temporarily ban Muslim immigration

Car salesman-turned-U.S. Representative Don Beyer has introduced yet another pro-Muslim bill H.R.5207 - Freedom of Religion Act of 2016.  You can also subscribe to email alerts.

Beyer said “We’re not going to discriminate when it comes to immigration based on religion.”    This alludes to Donald Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban Muslim immigration in order to prevent jihad terror attacks.  He added that H.R. 5207 was intended to “appeal to hope rather than fear.” Kumbaya.  Giving into “Fear” is Islamofauxbia.

BTW when I Googled on "Islamofauxbia," I got this response "No results found for Isalmofauxbia" and instead got results for "Islamophobia,"  top among them the CAIR-sponsored www.islamophobia.org.  Now the Internet is being compromised.

Source: Democrats Try to Outlaw Trump’s Muslim Immigration Ban | Frontpage Mag
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