Sunday, January 30, 2005

"Proud Muslim" outed

In my 2004-11-26 post Northern Virginiastan: "Proud Muslim" from Fairfax recommends burning author along with his book, I noted an entry from Daniel Pipes's weblog about an entry on from a writer from Fairfax who wrote on the anti-Islamic book from Craig Winn:

There is good use of this book, in our FIREPLACES trashed and burned and along with the author!! is now encouraging the use of real names. "Proud Muslim" of Fairfax, VA has been revealed to be Pari Ansary - select See all items on Proud Muslim's wishlist.

Pari, Northern Virginiastan has no desire to harass you, but now since we know who you are, would you repudiate those comments and not indoctrinate your baby in hate?

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