Saturday, April 28, 2007

Even the WaPo Decries Pelosi!

Due to personal circumstances, I've barely been able to read the newspaper for the past two weeks. Shameful, I know. But real life comes first.

Today, now that I'm once again able to make blog rounds, I spotted this commentary about a recent editorial in the Washington Post. Excerpt from "The Erosion of Our Constitution":

Once in a while, the Washington Post doesn't align with the Democratic Party, as shown by the lead editorial in the April 27, 2007 edition. The subtitle of the editorial, a commentary on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's recent trip to Syria, sets the tone:

Having finished hosting U.S. politicians, Syria's dictator has returned to jailing dissidents and sponsoring terrorism.

Ostensibly, Ms. Pelosi visited Syria to stop the flow of terrorists from Syria into Iraq, to promote the release of political hostages, and to further the idea that the road to peace is through Damascus. A Pollyanna fantasy if there ever was one!

Read the rest at Praesidium Respublicae (Latin for "Guardians of the Republic").


kestrel9000 said...

Uh, one of your little Republican heroes from Virginia, Frank Wolf, amde the trip too, loser. And he talked a lot more shit on your criminal President than Nancy did.
"We don't care what the Bush administration wants."
Get a life, hater.
People like you are more of a threat to America than Osama ever thought of being.

Always On Watch Two said...

Kestre, of the blog Angry Moonbat, did Frank Wolf meet with the heads of foreign states and make promises he couldn't keep?

Yes, Frank Wolf has proposed this initiative, but that's not the same as what Pelosi did.

It is not unusual for members of Congress to travel overseas on fact-finding missions. Again, that's not what Pelosi did. Her actions were politicking

I can't speak for Northern Virginiastan, but I myself am not a Bushie.

You know, "Angry Moonbat," you really should seek treatment for your BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome).

As to your last sentence, you're out there somewhere.

nanc said...


kestrel hasn't called the jaws of life to remove his head from the dark place yet today...



yeah, because we like to take flight lessons without learning to land the plane...

what a buffoon!

Long said...

kestrel9000 spewed:

"Get a life, hater."

Got a little Jungian projection going on there, don't you.

"People like you are more of a threat to America than Osama ever thought of being."

Don't you mean Amerika? I mean, that's what you demented leftist scumbags usually say.

I understand that a person with profound mental disease would be intimidated by reality but you need to understand that a person that has threated the life's of all Americans and actually plotted the deaths of tens of thousands and killed 3000 is more of a threat than someone that criticizes a traitor like granny Nancy.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

People like you are more of a threat to America than Osama ever thought of being.

Thanks! That's awesome.

Fear me, bitch!