Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Killer At Virginia Tech

Snippet from the Washington Post web site:
Law enforcement sources said that Cho died with the words "Ismail Ax" in red ink on one of his arms, but they were not sure what the words meant.
Definitions of "Ismail."


Always On Watch Two said...

I don't know what "Ismail Ax" means, but seeing an Arab name scrawled on a Korean's arm seems odd. I also noted this update at My Pet Jawa:

a) Ibrahim's (Abraham) near sacrifice of Ismail (Ishmael) in the Islamic tradition, where he may have used an "ax" (more commonly "knife")
b) Ibrahim's destruction of idols with an "ax" (more commonly "club")

My first thought when I saw "ax" was "blade," as on a sword. Of course, I already knew the primary Ismail reference (Ishmael in the Bible). Wiki gave some additional references about "Ismail."

From The Islamic Threat, a source I trust:

Just heard it on Fox News. Cho Seung-Hui left a suicide note and signed it as Ismael-AX (or Ismail-AX as the media published just now). Ismael is the Arabic for Ishmael the father of the Arabs, the son of Abraham and the one that Muhammad the founder of Islam favored above Isaac the father of the Jews. This terror seems to have indeed been motivated by Islam. Muslims believe that it was Ishmael that Abraham almost sacrificed on the mount of Moriah rather than Isaac. The feast of sacrifice, Eid Al Adha, celebrated by Muslims, celebrates that event by slaughtering sheep. Ismail-AX definitely slaughtered many innocent people like sheep yesterday.

I will post more info on this as I get it. I hope the media gets the Islamic connection here. I am sure what they will find is a story of a convert to Islam who was convinced that his only salvation is go to Jihad. He is a perfect recruit; His South Korean heritage would make it easy for Muslims to deflect any charges of Islamic terrorism and, with the aid of the media and the PC government, dismiss it as another psycho attack, similar to what they did at Trolley Square in Utah.

Always On Watch Two said...

Received via email from an expert source:

Ismail - Isma (hears or hearing) and il -referring to God So in Arabic
it means "God hears."

Ishmael - Ishmael meaning "God hears". Reference Genesis 16 verse 11.

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