Monday, April 20, 2009

Atlas Shrugs covers the Esam Omesh story

I wrote to Pamela about Dr. Esam Omesh, who is running for the Democratic nomination for the 35th District of the House of Delegates. She has a much broader audience than Northern Virginiastan, and given the coverage she provided about the expansion of the Islamic Saudi Academy, I knew that she could reach people in Northern Virginia in ways that I can't.

I was not disappointed. Pamela quickly picked up on my story, and supplied additional information: read Atlas Shrugs: Extremist on the Campaign Trail: Jihadi Esam Omesh is Running for Office!

Thank you, Pamela, for getting the word out.


Always On Watch said...

I contacted Jeffrey Imm back on April 19th. He and some of his cohorts are also working on getting the word out.

Always On Watch said...

Note the following site:

Stop Omeish

Northern Virginiastan said...

Thanks - I'll add that to the blogroll