Sunday, April 19, 2009

How can we defeat Dr. Esam Omesh's candidacy?

As I was riding on Vale Road yesterday, I was dismayed to find a sign for Dr. Esam Omesh, who is running for the Democratic nomination for the 35th District of the House of Delegates. Dr. Omesh held his kickoff meeting only yesterday.

Readers might recall former Gov. Tim Kaine (now head of the Democratic National Committee) had selected Dr. Omesh for his minorities commission. Ultimately, Dr. Omesh resigned, as videos of him advocating jihad were circulated on the Internet.

On June 9, voters will choose the Republican and Democratic candidates who will oppose each other on the November ballot. The Democratic primary is contested: others running in the primary are Mark Keam, Roy Baldwin, and Edith Frankell Kelleher. I do not want a situation in which a four-way split might give Omesh victory. How can we who live in the 35th District defeat Dr. Omesh's candidacy?


sara3t3t said...

I am sitting here in my Pamela Geller Atlas Shrugs T Shirt. I am ready to roll.

Where is the 35th district? I googled it=can't find it. I have a friend who together we are an army. She and I are both seniors but we love to make signs and go out at 3 am.
We need signs over and over and over again in this district with a link written on felt markers on conveniently viewed metro benches. I am ready to sue their tactics to expose THEM. Somehwre in the Bible God says He will "lift up their skirts and show the world that they are women (the rulers of the world.) Heh heh THAT DAY IS SOON TO COME.

anyone interested in Gideon's little army? that's a great says "stay away if you are fearful", please. seraiah3 at yahoo dot com

sara3t3t said...


Find out where this guy is speaking next. put on a burka, or some damn pali scarf, so they give you the camera angle, and go there and shout the guy down..Get the Jewish organizations and synagogues in your area to go with might make some friends! Call aruond and let all the tea party people you can know about this...THIS IS EXACTLY WHY WE ARE GATHERING to keep "KHALAB-TEASE" like this from getting elected. [Don't call an a-rab KHALEB-TEASE unless you're ready to fight.] Carry an omesh sign while you're at it and then throw it on the floor and stomp it with the bottom of your shoes. ALL OF THIS IS LEGAL.

Learn from your enemies...nothing makes them madder than holding a mirror up to their tactics. ITS NOW OR NEVER..PUT UP OR SHUT UP.

Northern Virginiastan said...

A notice has been place on Craig's List:

Northern Virginiastan said...

Dr. Omesh's campaign site helpfully shows us where the 35th District is:

George said...

What a bunch of racist rants. This great State of ours can't vote for anyone who doesn't want to support the Israeli killing machine. It's time we put America first. The entire world used to see us as the light of humanity. Today - we're seen as supporting a State that continues to steal land, injects racist laws and removes the rightful owners to make way for "Russian" immigrants who aren't even Jewish. What a sham.
While we're on the subject. The Muslims you hate so much have so must vested in our nation that if they pulled out their funding, we'd all be out of jobs. Can you say that about Israel? Wall Street, Banking - hum..... who benefited, not the American people.

sara3t3t said...

Excuse me, what is race? I thought it had to do with a person's racial group. Esam Omeish is the racist here that we are all opposing.

Racist rants can be found on You Tube if you Google his will see him railing against the West, Israel and all of the other non-Muslim targets of jihad. He lives among us to destroy us. He is the enemy, not the friend of America. He is not for the melting pot, but for supremacy of his religion and his Arab race.

Islam is an ideology, not a religion. It does not promtoe peace, but war. Muslims form the House of islam, and all others form what they call the House of War. You, "George" are one fo the trolls who scan the websites and blogs to try to prpomote Islam.

You would do better to study the Jewish Scriptures and the Christian Bible and decide if their claims are true or not. YOur comments that we are promtoing racist rants here is not going to get you listened to, nor feared.

sara3t3t said...

While you are on You TUbe, please check this out:

I would asy that our nation is not funded by Muslim money. It is the other way around. The Islamic nations have nothing if not for Western money spent on oil. Tell me one thing the Muslims ever invented and contributed to the betterment of mankind.

The Koran is a bunch of self-contradictory blurbs some of which are attributed to sa-tan and not allowed to even be read or recited. What sort of dictated word of allah could that be that includes sa-tan's words? The koran is not holy and it is not true. I know; I read it.