Thursday, June 11, 2009

The battle may be over ...

but The Long War continues.

By now, readers of Northern Virginiastan should know that Esam Omeish placed 3rd of four candidates running to be Democratic candidate for the 35th District Virginia House of Delegates.

Atlas Shrugs cheers the defeat of Esam Omeish, but Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch cautions:

If a candidate like Esam Omeish can get 16% of the vote despite his Islamic supremacist statements and connections, imagine what a stealthier jihadist could do.

Indeed. I am more and more inclined to believe that Barack Obama (NMP) is a stealth Muslim in the highest office in the U.S., particularly, given his recent speech in Cairo and the fact that he hasn't identified a church to attend in Washington, DC.

During the primary race, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had invited Esam Omeish to participate on a conference call on President Obama (NMP)'s Cairo speech. Rick Moran calls Clinton's invitation "the logical, insane conclusion" of Obama (NMP)'s outreach to Muslims.

On another front of The Long War, the Islamic Saudi Academy is back in the news. Always on Watch has covered the Islamic Saudi Academy extensively on this blog. On Thursday, June 11 (that's tonight!), the Fairfax Planning Commission will vote on building additions, site modifications, and increase in enrollment (hat tip ACT Northern Virginia/Richmond/DC Metro Chapter).

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Always On Watch said...

Note this article today about the Islamic Saudi Academy. In the New York Times!