Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Anyone but Omesh

I usually want to crash after work, but I braved the storm to vote against Dr. Esam Omesh as Democratic candidate for the 35th District Virginia House of Delegates. I was greeted by an electioneer who handed me a brochure about Omesh and a sample ballot. I told the electioneer that I wasn't voting for Omesh. He was gracious about it, I have to say.

While we in the U.S. have the right to a private ballot, I will disclose that I voted for Mark Keam. A straw poll taken in the Providence district (where I live) showed that Keam came out far ahead in the field of four Democratic candidates. I took that to mean that Keam had the best chance of winning, thereby defeating the stealth jihadist Omesh.

On my way out of the polling station, the man who handed me the Omesh brochure was still there. He was with another man, whom I took to be Mukit Hossain, a Muslim activist whom we've covered at some length here on Northern Virginiastan.

Thanks to Pamela at Atlas Shrugs for reminding everyone to get out and vote against Omesh!

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Always On Watch said...

Mukit Hossain was there? Sheesh! I'd have blown a gasket if I'd run into him, I think.

Omeish's went down in ignominious defeat. BTW, even the WaPo came out against him about a week ago.