Friday, April 29, 2005

Charity Begins At Home

According to an article from , Muslims living in America are bemoaning their bad fortune (undeserved, of course) because they can no longer give to the charities of their choice, as found @

Muslims finding it's hard to give
U.S. investigations into some major Islamic charities scare many donors
08:53 PM CDT on Wednesday, April 27, 2005
By MICHELLE MITTELSTADT / The Dallas Morning News
WASHINGTON – "...Since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the U.S. government has shut down several major Islamic charities, alleging some of their money went to al-Qaeda, Hamas or other terrorist organizations.In Dallas, some Muslims have started giving to local shelters and non-denominational causes..."

Isn't it about time that these people, who are reaping many of the benefits of living here in the United States, stopped sending their required 2.5% zakat to organizations which support terrorism.? Cutting off the financial connections which terrorists exploit is one of the smartest moves of the Bush administration.

Again, from the article cited above: "Some Dallas-area mosques have seen drastic reduction in collections since 9-11....People are...very careful on who to donate to."

Considering what some of these mosques have been up to (I am referring to the recent conviction of Ali Al-Timimi, one of the founders of the mosque in Falls Church, Virginia) at least some of the activities in these mosques are part of a treasonous conspiracy.

Let charity begin at home, where the authorities can monitor what's going on with the organization receiving sizeable amounts of money. I am hoping that these changes in donations will apply to all the Muslim communities. Our law-enforcement officials should keep putting on the pressure! The First-Amendment right of freedom of religion (and I question the validity of considering Islam a religion in the normal sense of the word) does not apply to donating to subversive organizations.

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