Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Muslim community's newspaper

The Muslim Link is a newspaper distributed free of charge, primarily through Muslim businesses. It's a good way of keeping tabs on the Muslim community in the DC-MD-VA metro area and to realize that there's a whole parallel culture. Unfortunately, its Web archives are not kept current.

The Sheraton Premiere, site of Islamic fundraising events

I picked up the April 15 edition from a local Muslim business, and here are but a few things that caught my eye:

- listings of rental properties near area mosques, presented by Sister Gena Chung

- an ad selling copies of the Quran for $1 apiece (Spanish versions $2) for purposes of Dawah (and Afeefa Syeed claims that Dawah is not central to the practice of Islam!)

Abdulhalim Ashqar - fundraising for the HAMAS fundraiser

- a full page ad for a fundraising dinner to support Abdulhalim Ashqar and aspiring assassin Ahmed Abu Ali, to be held May 22 at the Sheraton Premiere. What makes the Sheraton Premiere, aside from its central location, the "go-to" place for holding Islamic functions? (CAIR is hosting two events - its MD-VA chapter annual fundraiser and its "Islamophobia" conference there) Confirmed speakers include our old buddy Shaker Elsayyed and Imam Seraj Wahhaj, identified as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 WTC bombings. The Muslim Link provided the space for this ad free of charge.

- a flattering interview with Sean Connaughton, who is running for Lt. Governor of Virginia in the June 14 primary. Connaughton is currently the Chairman, Board of County Supervisors, Prince William County. The article speaks glowingly on how Connaughton's office supported the mosque-building activities of the Dar Al Noor Masjid and Manassas Mosque.

- a sidebar on the front page concerning the trial of Ali Al-Timimi. Here is a link to the website of Dr. Ali Al-Timimi's Support Committee. Gee, he seemed like a nice American kid until his parents moved him to Saudi Arabia when he was 13!

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