Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Not-so-new News for April 6, 2005

From the WaPo via Yahoo! Groups: dc-terror, Terrorist Case Puts Words of Muslim Leader On Trial in Va.:

Photo of Shaker Elsayed from 1999 (Source: Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly - NEWS - Islamic Teachings on Death and Mourning - November 5, 1999 | PBS)

Our old buddy Shaker Elsayed weighs in on the Ali Al-Timimi trial ... In addition to being identified Secretary General of the Muslim American Society and President of the "World Muslim Institute" (I could not find a web site), he's identified here as a member of the executive committee of the Dar Al Hijrah mosque. Busy, busy, busy!!

The article notes that DC native Ali Al-Timimi lectured at the Center for Islamic Information and Education, also known as Dar Al-Arqam, in Falls Church. CIIE'S address is 360 S Washington St, suite 104; Falls Church VA. 22046.

Northern Virginiastan has posted many articles about the links between the Muslim American Society and the Muslim Brotherhood. Now comes news from Islam Online via Dhimmi Watch that the US State Department has drawn up a memo calling for direct and permanent political dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood.

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