Friday, May 06, 2005

More on Mahdi Bray

This fellow really gets around! According to , the website of the Muslim American Society, Bray is quite a busy man as he campaigns for his particular ideology.

According to the above site, on May 6, he appeared in NYC's Freedom Times' Square to "address a rally in support of protecting places of worship." On May 7, he will be appearing at a Speak-Out in Washington, D.C., at the Plymouth Congregational Church. Notice the oxymorons: he's appearing in Freedom Square and at a church. Just who sets up these schedules? Is there a satirist on the staff of the Muslim American Society? Exercising great restraint, I'll refrain from stating the obvious pun as to the name "Bray."

The D.C. event's special attraction seems to be the presence of Ahmed Abu-Ali's father, "who will tell the story of his son's current incarceration and tragic ordeal." Tragic ordeal? Really? Never mind that Abu Ali is currently under investigation for various treasonous crimes, including consorting with Al-Qaeda and plotting the assassination of President Bush. Had Abu Ali succeeded with some of his plans, we would indeed have seen a tragedy, but not of the type alluded to in the MAS announcements.

Perhaps the above event in Washington, D.C., is a precursor to the upcoming May 15 CAIR Conference at the Tysons Corner Sheraton Premeire. This MAS Freedom Action Weekend will focus on the "continued erosion of civil rights and civil liberties, and the unjust social and economic policies espoused by the current Administration." Sounds like CAIR's line, doesn't it? No surprise there.

Makes one wonder just how many "special visitors" the D.C. area will be hosting over the course of the next week. Attention, Homeland Security!

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