Friday, May 20, 2005

Fundraising for the HAMAS fundraiser

Abdulhalim Ashqar - fundraising for the HAMAS fundraiser

On Sunday, May 22, a fundraising dinner to support Abdulhalim Ashqar, charged with raising funds for HAMAS, and aspiring assassin Ahmed Abu Ali, will be held at the Sheraton Premiere Hotel in Tysons Corner. Confirmed speakers include our old buddies Shaker Elsayyed and Mahdi Bray and Imam Seraj Wahhaj, identified as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 WTC bombings.

What makes the Sheraton Premiere, aside from its central location, the "go-to" place for holding Islamic functions? CAIR is hosting two events - its MD-VA chapter annual fundraiser and its "Islamophobia" conference there. Does the Sheraton Premiere not have any scruples about who books its facilities?

As noted by Caroline Glick in her article Wake up Washington! (thanks to Jihad Watch), HAMAS and Al-Qaeda share ideological roots in the Muslim Brotherhood (as does the Muslim American Society), and financial and operational networks. HAMAS is not just a danger to Israel, HAMAS is a danger to the US.

Our reporting on Northern Virginiastan has made apparent these connections:

Ideology from the Muslim Brotherhood (which of course is based on the Quran and Sunnah)
Operations by HAMAS and Al-Qaeda
Funding from Saudi Arabia

and it's all happening here in the DC Metro area!

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