Thursday, May 12, 2005

Won't--or Can't?

Despite the title of the article cited below, "Terror Suspect's Attorneys Link FBI to Alleged Torture by Saudis," no such link has been definitively established. The title should more accurately read "Terror Suspect's Attorneys Claim FBI Link to Alleged Torture." Absolutely no evidence has been produced to substantiate the Washington Post's headline.

Furthermore, I predict that the defense attorneys for Islamic Saudi Academy valedictorian and aspiring Presidential assassin Ahmed Abu Ali will play every angle to get their client off the hook. My first reading of the Post article made me wonder if the case might be heading for a temporary-insanity or post-traumatic-stress-disorder defense in order to negate Abu Ali's confession. Apparently, a recent challenge from federal prosecutors has gone unanswered. :

"Prosecutors asked a judge yesterday to order Abu Ali to produce his medical records to see whether he had 'pre-existing medical problems.' They said Abu Ali's attorney's won't provide the records."

Medical problems? As in psychiatric ones? No doubt, the rot of Al-Qaeda's hateful ideology, an inherent part of the Wahhabist curriculum at the ISA, poisoned Abu Ali's mind. How many other minds have been poisoned, or continue to be poisoned, at Saudi-run schools here in the United States?

According to the article, "Abu Ali confessed to the assassination plot against Bush and admitted discussing with members of al Qaeda his plans to conduct a Sept. 11-style terrorist attack in the United States." The defense attorneys do not deny that Abu Ali confessed, but they "signaled in the filing that they intend to use the torture allegations to get Abu Ali's statements to Saudi interrogators thrown out."

Voluntarily subscribing to a treasonous ideology--and Abu Ali clearly did so--is not a mental illness. It's a choice. Preceding the alleged torture, Abu Ali made it quite clear that he subscribed to Wahhabism and its annihilistic doctrines.

Of course, the alleged medical records could relate to the alleged torture, which federal agents have denied. Supposedly, that alleged torture led to a false confession. The fact remains, however, that Abu Ali is an American citizen who had ties with Al-Qaeda. Furthermore, he actively pursued his Wahhabi teachings, well ingrained by the ISA, by going to Saudi Arabia, the heart of Wahhabism.

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