Monday, June 13, 2005

Another Activist At The Mosque

Just what the Wahhabi Corridor needs--another activist of the Muslim variety. According to the Washington Post, the Falls Church Mosque has a new imam, who also happens to a spokesman for Ahmed Abu Ali. :

Leader Named at Mosque
Falls Church Site Selects Activist
By Mary Beth Sheridan
Saturday, June 11, 2005
"Dar Al Hijrah, one of the Washington area's largest mosques, has named a prominent Muslim activist as its new spiritual leader. The new imam is Shaker El Sayed, who has been secretary general of the Muslim American Society for the past five years. Sayed, 53, is an Egyptian immigrant who served in the late 1980s as imam of the Islamic Center of Washington on Massachusetts Avenue NW. Sayed said he was taking the post at a time of great challenges for Muslims in the area. 'There is a lot of stress on the community because of the 9/11 paranoia,' he said..."
Paranoia? Paranoia?

You are correct, Mr. Sayed, in saying that there is a lot of stress, but it's not because of 9/11 paranoia. We Americans are stressed because some 3000 of our countrymen died on 9/11 when Islamists committed acts of war on our native soil. And our stress levels are not relieved when the local mosque is led my someone who calls the tactics of terrorists "moderation."

This mosque apparently is fond of "activists," including Al-Timimi, a respected teacher there, who was recently convicted of treason.

Quoting further from the above article:
"Dar Al Hijrah in Falls Church is closely affiliated with the Muslim American Society, a 13-year-old organization that promotes Islam. The society has been linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, considered the world's largest and most influential Islamic movement, which advocates a purer, more restrictive form of Islam and greater reliance on Islamic law. [Translation = Wahhabism] The Egyptian-based Brotherhood generally renounces violence [Note the qualifier "generally." More doublespeak] but endorses resistance to 'occupation' by such groups as the Islamic Resistance Movement, or Hamas. Hamas has conducted a campaign of suicide bombing against Israelis."
Despite the fact that he received his training in Islamic studies in Egypt, Sayed denies that he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Pardon my skepticism, but I don't trust the game of "Sayed Said." The Post article further states that the new imam
"supports what he described as the movement's [Hamas's] moderation and its denunciations of violence."

Anyone who supports Hamas should not be giving speeches in a mosque less that seven miles from the seat of America's government.

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