Thursday, June 02, 2005

Dave Chapelle's spiritual "crisis"

Dave Chapelle as America's most vicious blind white supremacist

Comedian (and DC native) Dave Chapelle signed a $50 million deal with the Comedy Central TV network for two years of his Chapelle's Show, only to "disappear" and put a halt to production.

Dr. Rusty Shackleford of the irreverent The Jawa Report cites a MSNBC article which stated that Chapelle '"was having problems throughout the writing," Farley added. "It dealt with some very difficult sexual and political and racial material ... He himself has sort of changed inside as he has become a practicing Muslim and so with all those issues and the fact that he wants to make sure the show projects him and his comedy in the right light."'

If you're not familiar with Chapelle's Show and Dave Chapelle's brand of humor, the picture and caption might tell you something: also, The Jawa Report provides dead-on satire of what a new improved totally halal Chapelle's Show might be like.

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