Sunday, June 19, 2005

A Book Excerpt

The following in an excerpt from Paul Sperry's Infiltration: How Muslims Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington (Nelson Current, Nashville, Tennessee: 2005, page 319):

"Citizens should also find out what kind of mosque is going up in their neighborhood, and who is backing it. I did. I noticed a large mosque under construction not far from my home in Fairfax, Virginia. So I investigated. After pulling the real estate records at the county courthouse, I discovered the trustees were from Pakistan...the cradle of the Taliban movement....Then I learned that the lead trustee, Mian Muhammad Saeed, is also the imam of the mosque, called the Islamic Center of Northern Virginia. It turns out Saeed was the spiritual adviser to the Pakistani terrorist who last decade fatally gunned down two CIA employees and wounded three others outside the agency's headquarters in nearby Langley, Virginia. After his recent execution, the Pakistani community hailed him as a martyr. Saeed is a hard-line Pakistani cleric. This is information the public should be aware of..."
Mr. Sperry also provides a list of ten ways to defeat the perfect enemy:
1. Not in my backyard [from which the above excerpt is taken]
2. Enforce the oath of allegiance
3. Profile Muslim travelers
4. Audit Muslim charities and mosques
5. Break off official ties with CAIR
6. Expose the Saudi Embassy
7. Deny security clearance to Muslim activists
8. Offer scholarships in Arabic
9. Fight Muslim activism in public schools
10. Step up counterterrorism training at Quantico

The book concludes with the following words:
"America is fighting a perfect enemy, one protected by religious freedoms and racial sensitivities. And we have a less-than-perfect understanding of what motivates the enemy, and how it is aided and abetted by a religious support network that exploits American culture and tax laws and is patiently infiltrating the American system to overturn it from within. More than three years after 9/11, we are still hacking at the branches of terrorism rather than striking at its root."
Infiltration should be required reading for every American and, more importantly, for every governmental official.

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