Tuesday, August 02, 2005

DC Mayor Williams appoints 9-11 Mosque imam to Interfaith Board of Advsiors

Imam Johari Abdul Malik is at right

Those who follow Northern Virginiastan should know by now that the "9-11 Mosque" is Dar Al Hijrah Mosque in Falls Church. No, the imam appointed by Mayor Williams is not our old buddy Shaker Elsayyed, a frequent subject on this blog. The imam is Johari Abdul Malik, the director of outreach and PR for Dar Al Hijrah. I had not heard of this guy until I had read the article on Islam's expansion into the outer suburbs. He's the guy looking forward to hearing the adnan, or call to prayer, broadcast in our neighborhoods. The article DC Mayor Appoints Muslim to Interfaith Board from The Muslim Link community newspaper's web site indicates that Muslims in prison are his top priority.

Prisons are a fertile place for Islam to recruit and indoctrinate the alienated elements of society. No wonder prisoners are Malik's concern. Why I am glad to see the likes of Ali Al-Timimi put away for a very long time, they should be isolated from the rest of the prison population so that they cannot propagate their ideology and create people who become even more dangerous on account of their indoctrination.

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