Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Origins of CAIR

Mr. Beamish and George Mason reminded me of the importance of exploring and revealing the origins of CAIR.

After some searching, I've obtained the information, somewhat buried in a 2003 article :
"...The Wahhabist Saudi government began its ongoing 'colonization' of the West in earnest after World War II, Palazzi [2003 secretary general of the Italian Muslim Association] said, sending students abroad to study.

"Their mission, he said, was to create what was initially called the Muslim Student Federation, then 'after it became rooted in the country, to start creating the local mosques, local organizations and groups such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations,' or CAIR.
"Though it claims to represent moderate Muslims, Palazzi calls the Washington, D.C.-based lobby group the 'U.S. section of Hamas.'

"... CAIR is a spin-off of the Islamic Association of Palestine, a group identified by a U.S. intelligence official as a front for Hamas. Awad was the group's public-relations adviser, and CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper also was an employee. Awad praised Iran's revolutionary leader Ayatollah Khomeini and at a university forum in 1994 declared, 'I am in support of the Hamas movement.'

"Hamas itself has its roots in the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood, the group from which al-Qaida was born, noted Palazzi.

"The difference between al-Qaida and Hamas is not over belief in the legitimacy of terrorism, but whether terror is to be used as the primary strategic tool or as only one of the possible tools, he said.

"'The leaders of Hamas and Brotherhood accept and promote suicide bombing and terror, but they believe it is not going to work in every circumstance,' Palazzi explained. 'In some cases, it is useful to have a kind of political activity. In some cases it is useful to resort to diplomacy.'

"Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood support terror in Kashmir, Israel and Chechnya, for example, he pointed out, but say that in the West, terror is not the best strategy.

"They say, according to Palazzi, 'We would rather infiltrate the West by our network and take advantage of the role of religious freedom in democratic legal systems and create our legal basis in those countries.'

"The Wahhabi aim, he says, is nothing short of bringing the whole world under its domination."
How is it, then, that our government allows CAIR to operate here in the United States? Why is WMAL Radio allowing CAIR to exert pressure on the broadcasts of Michael Graham and Geoff Metcalf?

Please don't omit reading this by George Mason, who has written an excellent commentary about the efforts of CAIR to silence talk-show hosts on WMAL Radio. It's important!

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