Friday, August 05, 2005

Did You Know?

Since 9/11, I have been sending web information about Islam to one of my dear friends (No, I am not referring to Mustang this time). My friend has compiled those many forwards numbering in the hundreds, has done independents research, and has written the following e-letter. Please notice the last paragraph. How many Americans are feeling this way? Here is my friend's e-letter, posted here without links or further commentary from me.

Everyone should read the following and remember. We have a serious problem in this country (actually, more than a few problems) - all continued to allow to "fester" because of political correctness and freedoms allowed to those who do not earn freedoms, to those who abuse freedoms, to those who do not deserve our freedoms; and they are the same ones who WILL cut our throats and take our freedoms away.

"They" - the leaders of Muslim organizations who have brazenly stated that they want to see the Qu'ran the highest authority in America - have stated that they want to see America become an Islamic State. AND, they have also stated that they will see all this come to pass - without violence - but through our educational system and our political system, and they are using our own laws - which allow them to state grievances and win sympathy with such complaints as, "I'm being profiled," etc.

Did you know that a Muslim organization called CAIR (the Council on American Islamic Relations) placed 8000 packets in our public libraries - info about ISLAM from the viewpoint they decided. Did you know that Muslims regularly take groups into our public schools to demonstrate and teach about Ramadan. Does Ramadan sound familiar? It is a Muslim religious celebration. Try to go into a public school and teach about Christmas, the birth of Christ, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. Try merely to lead in prayer - the best you can do is hold a moment of silence. Try to sing a Christmas carol. We now attend Winter Concerts - no Christmas carols, not one song that hints of anything other than snow, Frosty the Snowman, Jingle Bells, etc.

And, did you know that your tax dollars support the hundreds of Islamic organizations? That is right - they are non-profit - they are Islamic religious organizations. We allow these organizations to take away our freedoms with our own money. We allow these organizations to exist in our midst, planning our demise, and we allow them to do so without paying any taxes.

Did you know that Muslim schools in this country, of which there are more than 300, teach hatred for Americans and teach violence against Americans? Did you know that most of the Muslim schools are financially supported by the Government of Saudi Arabia? You know, that wonderful kingdom who pretends to be our friend. The Government of Saudi Arabia adopted Wahhabism, the most violent sect of ISLAM, established many years ago as the only permitted religion of Saudi Arabia. The Government of Saudi Arabia even selects the teachers and pays them to teach in schools right here in the United States. The Government of Saudi Arabia selects Imams (the priests of Mosques) to serve as head of Mosques, thereby getting their message of hate and violence out. Mosques provide sanctuary, homes, money, etc., to terrorists. Not just the 9/11 terrorists. Mosques provide ongoing support to terrorists.

Did you know that there are more than 1500 mosques in this country? Our hands are tied - they enjoy complete immunity to the law of the land. Most of these mosques are financially supported by Saudi Arabia and thereby are on "Saudi soil" (all embassies of other nations - here in America enjoy the same immunity - that is why a foreign national connected to an embassy can kill someone and flee the country and cannot be touched by our laws). Which, of course, means we have a little Saudi Arabia in our midst. We have no legal jurisdiction, can take no police action against, and cannot not even raid or investigate - no matter what they teach against us. They can conduct any business they want in the walls of a mosque. And most of the business conducted is how to conquer and rule America.

Did you know that once a Muslim is buried in the ground - in a cemetery- that Muslims believe that they own that land? Did you know that Muslims are buried without being embalmed? Do you realize the dangers of that practice? Don't believe me? Read about Muslims suing for ownership of the Taj Mahal. That is right. There are Muslims buried in the basement of the Taj Mahal and, therefore, Islamists believe they own a part of it and are suing for ownership and to collect a large percentage of the total of millions of dollars collected annually from tourists. The Taj Mahal represents goodness and love to most. Islam does not. How can Islamists be allowed own a portion of the beautiful Taj Mahal? Do you see the irony?

Did you know that Susan Douglass, an American convert to Islam, was a teacher in one of the largest Muslim schools in the nation, which happens to be in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol (her husband is the head of another Muslim school here)? She now consults with three of the largest public school textbook publishers in America to change American and world history in our textbooks. It is now being taught that there were Muslims who arrived with Christopher Columbus! Susan Douglass decides what the children of America will learn about ISLAM - and the information is stated positively.

Here's the truth: there is nothing positive about ISLAM. However, if you log onto some of the Islamic websites and you read information printed by Islamists, you will find yourself thinking - "This sounds good." That is the snake trying to rope you in.

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