Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Eating Crow?

(All emphases by Always On Watch)

If the story below turns out to be substantiated, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors might want to reconsider their renewal of the lease to the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia for the Islamic Saudi Academy.

Follow-up to this posting about the Islamic Saudi Academy, from NBC4 News in Washington, D.C.:
Islamic School Searched After Abuse Allegations Surface
Authorities Say School's Director Didn't Report Abuse Allegations

POSTED: 3:42 pm EDT June 3, 2008
UPDATED: 6:52 pm EDT June 3, 2008

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. -- Fairfax County police searched the Islamic Saudi Academy's west campus last month in connection with an investigation into child abuse allegations.

A 5-year old girl told a teacher in mid-May that her father was sexually abusing her, News4's James Adams reported. Two teachers and the principal at the west campus put together a report and forwarded it to the school's director general, Adams said.

According to court documents, the school's director, Adalla Al-Shabnan, did not believe the girl's complaint.

He later told investigators that he recommended psychological counseling for the girl after meeting with her parents.

Authorities said Al-Shabnan never reported the allegations of abuse to a child protective or law enforcement agency.

Virginia law requires abuse allegations to be reported within 72 hours.

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On May 23, detectives searched and seized computers, notes and records from the school's Fairfax campus.

According to court documents, Al-Shabnan directed the original report to be deleted from the school's computers.

Calls to the academy's director were not returned.

Fairfax County police declined to comment on the investigation.

No charges have been filed.

Surely, the school's director, Al-Shabnan, is aware of the strict laws about suspected child-abuse cases reported to a school! One has to wonder if perhaps he didn't file a police report because of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors May 19 hearing about renewing the school's lease. Did the girl tell of the abuse before the hearing regarding the Islamic Saudi Academy's lease? If so, this case could get very ugly.

How does the Board of Supervisors feel now about their pro forma hearing?

Officially, the Islamic Saudi Academy's lease renews for another year on June 30.


MarkyMark said...

I think its hilarious how all these people want to shut down ISA when anyone who knows any sizable population of people who knows people who graduated from there knows what its really like. I've been to it many times and know many who've graduated, in fact, many turn out less religious or not religious at all after graduating from there. Keep posting your vitriol against muslims in nova though, we can't be stopped. You see kabob stores opening up all over the place, mosques packed to the brim, expansions all over the place, new muslim schools, its time to just accept it and move on.

MarkyMark said...

P.S. and if you're a history teacher at Falls Church, you know even better than I do, the expansion and growth of muslims in the area.

UncleSamWife said...

Yeah...I also know what kind of school ISA is.They would come to play my school in high school at basketball,a Christian school in Springfield,VA.

They always hated playing the infidels because we always kicked their ass,and they were the nastiest sore A-Rab losers.

Ive read Infiltration...I know what the Muslim Community is up to in NoVa.

NoVa is also the home to the NRA...we still have the Second Amendment.

So bring it.

Always On Watch said...

Marky Mark,
Don't fret yourself over what I know.

And I'm not intimidated, thank you very much. You're a bit off base, to say the least.

Always On Watch said...

Uncle Sam Wife,
Thank you for bringing up the athletic terrorism on the part if ISA. The stories are numerous indeed!

I believe that the local EMT's know quite a bit about the requirements of ambulances at ISA's home games, particularly when Christian-school teams were involved.