Saturday, June 14, 2008

Radio Discussion Of The Islamic Saudi Academy

Listen to the June 13 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show by CLICKING HERE.

On the air during the first half hour of the show, I brought out some of the problems with the Islamic Saudi Academy. I went back some three years to call to listeners' attention the ISA's cover-up of a driving accident involving an ISA school bus. The driver didn't even have a license to be behind the wheel!

Over the years, ISA has had several problems. Yet, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors refuses to reconsider the school's lease. Excerpt from this source:
Fairfax County supervisors said Wednesday’s report has not made them rethink their decision to renew the lease.

“We are not in a position to determine what is going to go on in a classroom there,” said Mason District Supervisor Penny Gross. “What we were asked to do was consider leasing the land and school to the Islamic Saudi Academy, and that’s what we did.”
Um, Ms. Gross? You did a lot worse than that! You played and continued to play the dhimmi. Or should I say "dhimmi wit"?


UncleSamWife said...

Thought someone might wanna see this:
The Traditional Values Coalition and other national and Virginia groups will hold a demonstration at 8 a.m., Tuesday,June 17 near the Islamic Saudi Academy, 8333 Richmond Highway Alexandria, VA .A federal commission reported the academy uses textbooks which advocate violence against and intolerance of non-Muslims. TVC has asked the U.S.Justice Department to investigate activities at the academy and the FairfaxCounty Board of Supervisors role in leasing the county-owned building to the Saudi Embassy in Washington. Contact: Jessica Dues, (202) 547-8570

Always On Watch said...


I hope that lots of people can participate.

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much for blogging about these issues. I'm a newcomer to NoVA, and I'm shocked at how rude the Muslims here are. (I'm a young-ish, blonde-ish female with a high-pitched voice and an awkward manner, which I'm sure makes me appear very mouse-like to them..) Twice this week a Muslim man has had me in tears--the first incident involved a cab driver who "wouldn't accept coins" (I was going to pay the final dollar of my tab with four quarters), and then proceded to GRAB MY PURSE from the back seat when I said all I could do was pay him the four quarters, or a dollar less than I owed him. The second guy was a convenience store worker who snatched my credit card from between my fingers and then made a rude comment about my shirt (which read "Surfer Girl"), after neglecting even to tell me what my total was.

Anyway, Muslims in NoVA are some of the scariest, meanest, nastiest people I've ever encountered (that is, next to the Muslims I interacted with in Paris during the summer of '01).

davod said...

It is all about money. I would be looking at how much the lease is.

Then look at who is pushing the lease within government.

Always On Watch said...

Gerry Connolly's opponent needs to know about this. Connolly is running for the U.S. House of Representatives for the 11th Congressional District of Virginia.

Always On Watch said...

The lease is $2.2 million.