Saturday, June 07, 2008

Spindly terrorist wannabe to get new sentencing hearing

For the past few years, Always on Watch and I have been covering the story of Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, valedictorian of his class at the Islamic Saudi Academy, who was convicted of his role in a plot to assassinate the President. His conviction was upheld; moreover, his case has been sent to lower court, because the 30-year sentence was too lenient.

As I noted, Abu Ali would be a still robust man in early 50s, if he were to serve the entire 30-year sentence. Let's hope he's put away for life. At the same time, the prison system has to give up this nonsense of supplying prayer rugs, Qu'rans, etc. to convicted Islamic terrorists and allowing them to wear prayer caps and grow Islamic beards to enable practice of their religion.


Muhammad said...

Go to hell you retards. Get a life and go do something useful instead of celebrating the misery of others. I'd like to see how long you would last under Saudi torture before you admit that you're a terrorist and planned to blow up Mars.

MarkyMark said...

wow this is straight up xenophobia, not allow them practice of their religion? Good thing people like you are NEVER allowed to make decisions or given real power anymore. This country would be in real trouble if it did.

Always On Watch said...

Northern Virginiastan,
Touched a nerve with this posting, huh? Way to go!

MarkyMark said...

haha yes, he got a whole 2 posts instead of the normal 0, he really did touch a nerve.