Thursday, May 10, 2007

CNN - a tool of HAMAS?

I received an obscene response on my post Cynical manipulation of Virginia Tech tragedy, concerning the video captured by graduate student Jamal Al-Barghouti of police storming Norris Hall. Barghouti likened the massacre to that "suffered" by the so-called Palestinians under the Israelis. One of the more polite statements that Anonymous made was "The kid has the same name as a another Arab," namely Marwan Barghouti.

No doubt many of you have seen the video of the HAMAS children's call-in TV show that featured a Mickey Mouse clone advocating terrorism. HAMAS Information Minister Mustafa Barghouti said that his ministry requested that the TV show be suspended: as Robert Spencer wryly noted, "Translation: We're sorry we got caught." So it's just coincidence that Jamal Al-Barghouti has the same name as another Arab, eh, Anonymous?

As noted in my previous post, CNN ran and re-ran Jamal Al-Barghouti's cell phone video. From the Baltimore Sun article cited, it appears that Jamal Al-Barghouti had assumed the stance of a "citizen journalist" on CNN the evening of the massacre. Also visit LGF's post on Outrage: CNN Covers Up Death Cult Mickey Mouse Video on how CNN played the plain-speaking Glenn Beck for a fool by getting him to withhold showing the Mickey Mouse video on his TV show.

This begs the question, is CNN in cahoots with HAMAS? Al-Jazeera couldn't have done better.

UPDATE: From the AP article Newseum gets $15 million gift:
WASHINGTON - A used cell phone. An old vest. It's a mishmash of donations, and they're not for Goodwill.

They're items for display at Newseum, the journalism museum set to open at a new location this fall near the Capitol.

The cell phone was donated by a Virginia Tech student who sent CNN the footage from outside a campus building where a student gunman killed 32 people and himself last month.

"He was very interested in it going to a place where it would be publicly displayed in the right manner," said Newseum spokeswoman Susan Bennett.
Is this not depraved? Jamal Al-Barghouti is milking the Virginia Tech tragedy for his own glorification. All the more so, as Barghouti captured the video as people in his own department (he is a graduate student in civil engineering) were slaughtered.

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Always On Watch Two said...

I note that Anonymous stated the following:

You worthless piece of garbage. I hope your kids go to V-Tech.

Really civilized, huh?

I rather imagine that Anonymous feels that the contribution to Newseum is appropriate.

I've been off blog rounds lately--a combination of work obligations and computer troubles. I am incredulous that Glenn Beck pulled that video!