Friday, May 25, 2007

USA Today spins survey of US Muslims

The survey of US Muslims by the Pew Research Center has received a lot of attention on TV (well, at least Fox News) and blogs. Most disturbing was the finding that around 25% of American Muslims under 30 approve of suicide bombings in some circumstances (I prefer to call them "homicide bombings").

Here is how USA Today, which has its headquarters in Tysons Corner, spun the story:

Poll: American Muslims reject extremes -
by Haya El Nasser.

This is, after all, the newspaper for which Laila Al-Arian, victimologist daughter of Sami Al-Arian of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, interned.

BTW We count Gannett, publisher of USA Today, among our blog visitors. We also get visits from other publications and government entities, including the House and Senate. We hope that means we're making an impression on these organizations.


Always On Watch Two said...

The only mention I've heard has been on FNC.


Twenty-five percent of local muslim
approve "suicide bombers"! That's even worse than expected!

It's an old Kill-Culture wrapped in
an Ancient Religious Doctrine, and
funded by Saudi Wahhabism & Shia Iranian OIL!

Read a sober page, the words of a young Trooper recently returned from Iraq, "Back From The Sand-Box", then fire off a Comment. reb