Friday, May 25, 2007

Virginia Governor Kaine And MAS

Christine of Vigilant Freedom/910 Group Blog recently posted this piece, which delineates Virginia's governor's recent buddying-up with the Muslim American Society. Excerpt:
This last weekend, the Commonwealth of Virginia was signed over to the Muslim Brotherhood, care of the Muslim American Society (MAS). Tim Kaine must be hoping for a VP nomination from Obama - after all, if the Democrat Party presidential ticket needs a Southerner, he’d better prove his dhimmitudiness early in the game.

He gave the keynote speech at the local Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation dinner. A real team player, he’s just following Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) game plan from her Syria visit, and Steny Hoyer’s (D-MD) charm offensive with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. With very little effort, his staff could have researched the connections of the MAS to the Muslim Brotherhood and some extreme jihadist doctrine. We have to assume this is a choice, not a mistake....


The Brotherhood probably thought they wouldn’t get Virginia for another decade or two, but then they hadn’t planned on this level of help from Kaine.

Governor Kaine kowtows to MAS/Muslim Brotherhood.
That's Mahdi Braying Ass in the left foreground

Go read the whole thing.


Always On Watch Two said...

Northern Virginiastan,
Thanks for adding that photo. I didn't notice Mahdi Bray when I looked at the picture.

Just lovely that our governor is sidling up to HIM!

Always On Watch Two said...

Index to some articles about Mahdi Bray

Northern Virginiastan said...

Well, actually, I wanted to use an expression different from "kowtowing" or "sidling up" :-)