Monday, May 07, 2007

Muslim spacehogs at GMU

... and yes, the title is intentional.

Pigs in Space - ouch!

From Broadside Online via Little Green Footballs, the Muslim Student Association (MSA) at George Mason University has demanded that the University assign a special prayer space for Muslims, to also serve as an Islamic Education Center, and to allow the MSA to run it.

Muslims face Mecca when praying and going through their gyrations, and the wall they face cannot be adjacent to rest rooms. The existing "meditation space," designed to serve all GMU students, regardless of religion, meets these requirements. This room would be expanded to create a separate prayer space for women.

As a public university, GMU should not favor any religion and should not enable gender apartheid. Remember how the Commonwealth of Virginia was obliged to admit women to VMI?

My perverse thought is that if the MSA's demands are fulfilled and the space is renovated, let's make sure that the toilets in the restrooms that the MSA use for wudu, or ritual ablution, are repositioned to point toward Mecca!

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