Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Ashraf Nubani and the Abu Ali courtroom circus

Exam Sought to Prove Saudis Tortured Va. Man (washingtonpost.com)

NOTE: Picture comes from another case Nubani defended - not the Abu Ali case

Defense lawyer Ashraf Nubani calls for an "independent" medical examination of Ahmed Omar Abu Ali to prove that he was tortured in Saudi custody.

"... Normally a routine proceeding, the arraignment set off a round of courtroom fireworks that reflected the combative -- and complicated -- nature of the case."

"...As yesterday's hearing began, defense lawyer Ashraf Nubani immediately proclaimed his intention to seek a medical and psychological examination of Abu Ali.

U.S. District Judge Gerald Bruce Lee said that required a written motion and said he would be happy to review such a motion. He then tried to proceed with the arraignment.

Nubani persisted, and he and Lee repeatedly cut each other off. "Can you hear me okay? Are you having trouble hearing?'' Lee said at one point. "What I want you to do is conform with the rules of this court.''

COMMENTS: Nubani, of Busch & Nubani Pc, Annandale, is acquiring a reputation almost as dubious as that of Stanley Cohen (defense lawyer for Musa Abu Marzook, among others - and yes, Cohen is Jewish) for defending terrorist suspects. When is holding a lawyer in contempt of court warranted? Was there any effort to discipline Abu Ali's supporters from the Muslim American Society who laughed as the charges were read?

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