Monday, March 07, 2005

WETA deals a blow to dead white men's culture*

90.9 FM Update - WETA TV 26/ 90.9 FM - Washington, D.C.

WETA 90.9 FM abandons classical music in favor of an all news and public affairs format. Sharon Percy Rockefeller elaborates,

"The new format, debuting February 28, features news reports, public affairs programs and newsmagazines with global reach from news sources that include two of the most respected newsgathering organizations in the world: National Public Radio and the British Broadcasting Corporation."

Hmmm...she must have never read Biased BBC.

Ms. Rockefeller describes the format change as the "right choice for our diverse, cosmopolitan community."

As though we can turn to audio streaming! In reality, many offices ban audio streaming on account on the demands on bandwidth. DC doesn't need another news and public affairs radio station when it's already served by WAMU and other stations. We do need classical music without obnoxious commercials or announcers.

* the term "dead white men's culture" has probably been used by other people, but Northern Virginiastan is attributing it to actor John Rhys-Davies who raised alarms about the threat of Islam to European culture and civilization: "[hang it all], I am for dead-white-male culture!"

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