Tuesday, March 22, 2005

TimesDispatch.com | Abu Ali may receive exam

TimesDispatch.com | Abu Ali may receive exam

Ahmed Omar Abu Ali may receive undergo medical and psychological examinations at his lawyer's request subject to the following restrictions:

* that government doctors may conduct their own exam.
* the government may videotape the defense examination, and allow the defense to videotape the government's exam.
* that Abu Ali's lawyers undergo a security check.

One detail in an earlier report that caught my eye:

' " The defense motion seeking forensic examinations includes affidavits from Ashraf Nubani and another lawyer who have seen the scars. Human rights lawyer Jenny Brooke-Condon described them as "muted linear discolorations of Mr. Abu Ali's skin that looked to me like scars ... in a scattered direction and appeared to be of various lengths." '

So, did Ms. Brooke-Condon personally examine Abu Ali? There's something that doesn't wash about this, given the gender apartheid that Abu Ali's brand of Islam practices: for example, his mother not only wears hijab (head covering) but also niqab (face covering).

DiscoverTheNetwork.org, a site documenting leftist groups, contains a profile of Ashraf Nubani and other individuals and organizations discussed on Northern Virginiastan. While some information is spotty, this web site is a valuable source for understanding links among individuals and organizations.

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