Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Was judge's ruling inspired by indictment of Abu Ali?

Jose Padilla aka Abdullah Al Mujahir

From Yahoo! Groups : dc-terror Messages : Message 170 of 170, Federal judge rules that the U.S. Government shall charge "dirty bomb" suspect Jose Padilla aka Abdullah Al Mujahir or let him go. Another case of "shit or get off the pot"? Recall that Abu Ali was indicted only when the campaign to return him to the U.S. (as a free man) reached critical mass, with the WaPo's February 21 editorial and what all.

Northern Virginiastan (referring to the author of this blog) cannot get too excited about Padilla's U.S. citizenship availing him certain rights under law. His Islamic name Abdullah Al Mujahir means "Abdullah the Foreigner." That shows you the regard Padilla had for our country.

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